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API Deployment

One question that I get asked a lot, is which of the API service providers will help me deploy my API. Historically the primary API service providers like 3Scale, Apigee and Mashery only help you "manage" your API, you still have to deploy that actual API endpoint via your own systems. This has evolved over time, and more of them are actually helping facilitate API deployment like with API gateways.

If you are a larger company, you probably have the resources and tools to deploy APIs from your existing database or other systems. For those that don't, this project is dedicated to brining together news, analysis, tools and services that others can use to actually deploy an API.I'm separating out API design from deployment. Depending on your approach, the deployment of your API could be one and the same with API design or it could be an entirely different beast.

The most common way to deploy APIs is to use API frameworks, and developers are in charge of deployment. Secondarily you see APIs being increasingly deployed using API gateways in the enterprise, but I'm also seeing a resurgence in the number database to API platforms, addressing a growing need to make data accessible via APIs.

Recently I'm also adding the ability to deploy APIs from scraping. This is becoming an interesting new trend from providers like Kimono Labs, and While many people see scraping as a thing spammers or content thieves do, it is actually proving to be a legit way to harvest content or data and launch a resulting APIs.

How To Build RESTful APIs Using PHP and Laravel | ProgrammableWeb

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While designing a good RESTful API takes a lot of thought and planning, thanks to application frameworks that have been developed with REST in mind, the nuts and bolts of implementation has never been easier.This how-to explores RESTful API implementation using Laravel, an object-oriented MVC framework for PHP that is fast becoming one of the languages most popular frameworks.Why Laravel?There are a number of great PHP frameworks that developers can use to build robust PHP applications.Laravel, which is relatively new, has quickly gained a dedicated following. more.

Adding Google To List Of API Deployment Companies

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I was taking another look at the Google Cloud Platform yesterday, and stumbled across Google Cloud Endpoints. It was something I saw come across my feeds, but really didn’t give it the time it needed to see what it was all about. With the new Google Cloud Endpoints, Google is making a strong push to be not just an API deployment provider, but their approach also reflects what I’d consider to be an evolution of backend as a service (BaaS) deployment. I think Google describes their service better than I can do it justice: Google Cloud Endpoints consists of tools, more.