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API Deployment

One question that I get asked a lot, is which of the API service providers will help me deploy my API. Historically the primary API service providers like 3Scale, Apigee and Mashery only help you "manage" your API, you still have to deploy that actual API endpoint via your own systems. This has evolved over time, and more of them are actually heaping facilitate deploy like with Intel's API Gateway.

If you are a larger company, you probably have the resources and tools to deploy APIs from your existing database or other systems. For those that don't, this project is dedicated to brining together news, analysis, tools and services that others can use to actually deploy an API.

I'm separating out API design from deployment. Depending on your approach, the deployment of your API could be one and the same with API design or it could be an entirely different beast.

While API design, deployment and management are all interconnected, it can be helpful to look at them in separate lights.